New Grant Opportunities Available Now!

Extended learning through supplemental school programs helps reinforce the knowledge and lessons taught throughout the day within the classroom.  Through creative collaboration between educators and grant support from The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, Inc., extended programs are made possible outside the allocated funds provided by BCPS.  These grants are specifically focused towards 21st Century Themes which include, Arts & Culture, BEEF (Business, Economic, Entrepreneurial & Financial) Civic Literacy, Environmental Literacy, Global Awareness, Health Literacy, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


Thanks to our partnership with Open Door Before and After School Care and their $30,000 contribution to the Foundation, a new grant program has been created called 21st Century Excellence in Education Grants.  On May 1, 2018, Community Superintendent, Dr. Kregg Cuellar joined the foundation to celebrate the grant award at Open Door’s corporate headquarters.  The projects awarded by this grant program are required to have clear and measurable objectives and overall impact and potential for successful implementation while aligning with school progress plans.


The goal of the initiative is to diversify elementary education focus to excellence in education opportunities and increase student/parent/teacher/community collaborative efforts.


Open Door Before and After School Care is a true Champions of Education.  Their longevity in the community is benchmarked by their founding date of 1983.  Through their history of success, they are able to provide quality before and after school care while retaining school age care as its singular focus.


The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools is thankful for the partnership with Ms. Jeanne Murphy, Founder and Karen Grannas, COO, of Open Door Before and After School Care.  They provide an opportunity for educators to extend, enhance and enrich curriculum through grant awards.  By broadening the availability of resources, Baltimore County Public School students and educators can experience the extension of learning in new ways.


Grant applications are now being accepted through till May 25, 2018.  Please visit our web site to learn more.  You can also contact the Foundation by calling (443) 809-8962.


The Education Foundation of BCPS, Inc. 21st Century Excellence in Education Grants can be found on our website at