District Wide Initiatives

To equip every student with the critical 21st century skills needed to be globally competitive, Baltimore County Public Schools is moving toward an instructional digital environment, where all students have access to curriculum through technology so that learning is available anytime and anywhere.  All BCPS students will be provided a digital learning device and personalized, blended, interactive curriculum.

Our instructional digital conversion is known as Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow (S.T.A.T.), a name proposed by a group of BCPS students who wanted to convey that the focus of our district’s teaching and learning is on preparing our students for tomorrow.  The strength of S.T.A.T. is that of a learner-centered learning environment not necessarily led by technology but is focused on the future but not in a traditional format.

S.T.A.T. allows all BPCS students to have:

  • Digitally-enhanced curriculum supplemented with engaging, adaptive digital resources
  • Digital device for every student and teacher
  • Educator, student and parent access to information and resources through the BCPS One platform
  • Wireless and broadband infrastructure

Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow is a five-year plan.  The learning environment is changing from furniture types, to room arrangements, to what is being taught, to the structure of the school day.  This initiative requires the engagement and support of our community and business partners.  To support the continued growth and success of BCPS students and schools, please contribute to the school system through The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, Inc.

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To acquire information pertaining to BCPS Districtwide Initiative opportunities contact:

Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow (S.T.A.T.)

Ms. Deborah S. Phelps, Executive Director –

Mrs. Laura Lemon, Associate Director -

Mrs. Bonnie Derda, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper –

The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, Inc. Headquarters

105 W. Chesapeake Avenue, Suite B-1
Towson, Maryland  21204

O:  443-809-8962

FAX: 410-296-3025

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