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Grant Support from Resource Partners of the Education Foundation of BCPS, Inc.

Elementary, Middle and High School

Review and award of project funds will be based on the project’s anticipated contribution to essential knowledge and skills students must have to be successful in life and employment in the 21st century.

The projects should address at least one of the following instructional focused 21st century themes:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Civic Literacy
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy
  • Global Awareness
  • Health Literacy
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

A complete description of the grants that have been awarded since 2010 can be found on the links below.

2010-2011  | 2011-2012 | 2012- 2013 | 2013 – 2014 | 2014-2015 | 2015-2016 | 2016-2017 | 2017-2018


Each year The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, Inc. provides schools and offices/departments with an opportunity to apply for Instructional Initiative Grants ($2,000), Enrichment Grants ($3,000),and Excellence in Education Grants ($3,000) to fund innovative projects not funded in the school budget. Projects must address an identified need that is aligned with Baltimore County Public Schools goals for academics and key actions as stated in the BCPS Blueprint 2.0:  Our Way Forward and the school progress plans.  The project must have clear measurable objectives, and overall impact and potential for successful implementation.

Project funds may not replace normal funding from tax-based sources. The proposal should describe a quantitative and/or qualitative method to evaluate the success of the project. Funds may cover travel, participation in events/activities, consulting fees, and speaker honorariums. Funds may not cover personnel or any related expenses for BCPS staff, including gift cards and food/beverages.  If food is purchased for students, it must align with USDA health regulations.  Projects must be conducted and supervised by BCPS professional personnel who work directly with students, including teachers, school counselors, media specialists, nurses, etc…

Resource Partner Support

Resource Partners help support grant initiatives by assisting with project content and budgeting:

  • Serve more children and school community in BCPS with high quality hands-on collaborative events
  • Maximize the impact of school community events through the modeling of strategic planning and collaborative efforts, as well as diversify available resources
  • Offer capacity building opportunities to partner in the network so they may better serve their educational community
  • Offer schools an opportunity to extend the grant into sustainable long-term projects


A school can apply for a Pre-Packaged Grant or a Customized Collaborative Grant that is aligned with a 21st century theme.  Pre-Packaged Grants do not require the applicant to complete a budget overview, as the grant partner and resources have been allocated accordingly.  Depending on the grant application allocation allowance, ($2000 grant vs. $3000 grant), the budget may need to be subsidized through other funding.  Customized Collaborative Grants are a partnership between the resource partner and the grant applicant to customize content and budget to fit specific needs.


For Pre-Packaged Grants check out the links below (includes budget and content from resource partner).


For Customized Collaborative Grants check out the links below (includes resource partner overview and customizable grant content with budget assistance.)

To support the continued growth and success of BCPS students and schools, please contribute to the school system through the Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, Inc.

To acquire information pertaining to all grant opportunities contact:

21st Century Instructional Initiative Grants

21st Century Enrichment Grants

Excellence in Education Grants 

TEAM BCPS Clean Green 15: Litter Challenge Grants

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Support Our Students

The Education Foundation works to provide opportunities for Baltimore County Public School students and families. The money collected through donations is dedicated to supporting the vision of the Foundation, which is to ensure that all BCPS students have the resources to enable them to graduate globally competitive.

To support the continued growth and success of BCPS students and schools, please contribute to the school system through the Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, Inc.

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