The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools

Long-heralded as a successful and stable school district, Baltimore County Public Schools is poised for greatness with bold new ideas, a renewed commitment to the success for all students, and extensive community outreach.

The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, Inc., was organized on October 26, 1992, as the Baltimore County Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc., under Section 501 (c) (3), to attract and direct public financial contributions to programs and activities of the school system in support of quality education for all children.


In order to provide the highest quality education in the 21st Century, the Foundation solicits, manages, and distributes supplemental funds to ensure that BCPS graduates globally competitive students. Funding is supplemental and does not replace or alter use of tax-based revenue. Donations are received from individuals, corporations, and other foundations to fund educational programs and projects that are aligned to the District's curriculum and strategic plan, Blueprint 2.0: Our Way Forward, fund school-based initiatives and scholarships, and to create an Endowment Fund. Programs will be funded from donations as well as from a percent of the Endowment Fund.

The Foundation provides, under federal and state laws, an appropriate method to solicit charitable contributions.


To provide and facilitate community and corporate funding to support the Superintendent's vision that aligns with the goal of developing lifelong learners through literacy.


All BCPS students will have the resources supported by quality instruction and the opportunity to further education to enable them to graduate globally competitive.  All Baltimore County Public School educators will receive the opportunity to acquire financial support for programs that fall within the priorities of the district.


  • Provide support towards the Superintendent's district wide initiatives which include emphasizing literacy across subject areas to prepare students for college and careers, and providing a positive culture and climate in every school.
  • Provide scholarships opportunities to BCPS students to attend post-secondary education and obtain the knowledge and skills needed to be globally competitive.
  • Provide schools and offices the opportunities to apply for school-based grants that address one of the 21st Century themes:
    • Financial, Economic, Business Entrepreneurial Literacy
    • Environmental Literacy
    • Arts and Culture
    • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
    • Health Literacy
    • Global Awareness
    • Civic Literacy


The Foundation supports BCPS' commitment to graduate globally competitive students. Our core values express our beliefs that:

  • BCPS aspires to be a world-class school district.
  • The Foundation is a strategic partner and valued member of Team BCPS.
  • Equitable access to a world-class curriculum and resources are a right for all students in BCPS.
  • A strong collaborative relationship between the District and community partners is essential to the continued success of BCPS.

Download a copy of our Strategic Plan here: Education Foundation Strategic Plan