Congratulations!  If you have been awarded a Putting Students First Grant, you have come to the right place.  Here you will find the necessary documents, forms and templates you need to help you navigate successfully.

  1.  Requesting Disbursement of Funds from the Education Foundation of BPCS for grant recipients.  There are two ways that funds may be disbursed from The Education Foundation of BCPS. One involves the foundation paying for something directly on behalf of the school or project. The other involves the Education Foundation reimbursing the school or project for expenditures they have incurred and paid that relate directly to the Education Foundation project.  Click here to acquire Request for Disbursement of Funds from EdFoundation (2)   for additional information and the necessary form to process your request.
  2. FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).  We have compiled a list of common questions and answers that are available to you through our website.  If you have a question and do not find your answer here, please contact us so that we can help you.  FAQ's can be found HERE.
  3. Timeline.  Please make note of future dates and place them in your Outlook calendar.  More information will be forthcoming, so visit our site often for updates.
    1. Web site Updated and Media Release: October 24, 2022
    2. Reimbursement/Disbursement of Project Funds: On or before May 26, 2023
    3. Submission of Recipient Grant Survey 2022-2023: May 26, 2023
    4. Collaborative Gallery Celebration: TBD

Should you require additional assistance, please contact us directly:

The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Schools, Inc.

105 W. Chesapeake Ave., Suite B1

Towson, MD  21204

(443) 809-8962