Mission Moment: State of the Schools 2017

Each year, the State of the Schools becomes better and better, celebrating the achievements of our schools and showcasing the talents of our students.

We at The Education Foundation of Baltimore are honored to serve as the bridge between our partners who continuously support our schools, and TEAM BCPS who find new and innovative ways to learn and explore.  As our school partnerships grow, we witness the ever changing benefits received in the school community.

When we speak of partners, we speak of our ambassadors in the community who recognize our children as the future.  Through their act of giving, they help prepare our students to embrace the challenges ahead.  They not only give generously, but also provide support through positive enthusiasm and authentic care for the programs we fund.

In the words of our chair, Douglas Eder, “Our mission and goals are to invest in teaching and learning, by mobilizing the community to fund activities and programs that align with Baltimore County Public Schools’ vision of a successful and bright future for every student.”

Finally, we would like to thank our superintendent, Dr. S. Dallas Dance, who continues to inspire, motivate and challenge each and every one of us to reach our fullest potential.

Congratulations TEAM BCPS for a successful State of the Schools 2017.