10,000 Books


Impacting the Continuity of Learning and Literacy Throughout the Summer

Books can change lives.

They are the containers of knowledge.  They are the portals to new destinations and old places.

Books can inspire.  They can entertain.

Books are transformational.  They lead towards discovery.

Books can be shared to bridge relationships.

They can bring comfort like an old friend, move our emotions with joy and tears, and books open doors to unforeseen paths.

The power of a book is endless.


Throughout the year The Education Foundation of BCPS distributes books to educators while shopping at one of the foundation’s two collaborative educators resource centers, the Exchangeree:  Gizmos and Gadgets Galore.  But as the school was ending the foundation was determined to provide opportunities for BCPS educators to select books to distribute to their students for summer reading pleasure and relaxation.   Therefore, after conversation, a first year Books for Bins target goal was set to place 10,000 books in the hands of students throughout the month of June.  Establishing support from numerous community partners to help achieve this goal, thousands upon thousands of books were collected and dropped-off at the foundation’s two locations; the Exchangeree at THE AVENUE White Marsh and at the Exchangeree Windsor Mill, as well as at the Baltimore County Public Schools Office of Logistics were sanitized, sorted, and categorized by age appropriate level for distribution by volunteer teams. 


Through the support from the foundation’s volunteer coordinators, Susan Goodhand, Linda Alpin, and Sandy Bauer, as well as individuals from the BCPS Office of College and Career Readiness, First Financial Federal Credit Union, Freedom Financial Credit Union, Douron Office Furniture, and Federal Realty, as well as staff at BCPS Logistics and the preparing of the  books for distribution was achieved.


As the month of June unfolded, the distribution of books quickly grew toward meeting the foundation’s set target goal.  As the month ended, the foundation not only reached its goal to distribute 10,000 books but exceeded it by distributing nearly over 14,000 books to BCPS Educators for classroom libraries and their students, as well as the community throughout Baltimore County.


With the addition of Little Free Libraries being established throughout the Baltimore County communities, the Exchangeree’s supports several stewards in keeping their LFL stocked, including Dr. Heather Woolridge, Coordinator, BCPS Office of College and Career Readiness.  Dr. Woolridge is the steward/co-steward of four LFLs and shared her sentiment pertaining to the Books for Bins Campaign.  She stated, “single handedly being provided hundreds of books for the Little Free Libraries sponsored by BCPS staff impacts literacy in the community we service. Books received from the two Exchangeree’s have been placed in communities across the county and ensure our students, and their family members, have access to a wide variety of books this summer as well as throughout the entire year. Access to books is one of the greatest indicators of educational success. Thank you to, The Education Foundation of BCPS, for setting our students up for success this summer through the Books for Bins Campaign!”


The foundation’s distribution of books will continue through the 2021 summer during the event at THE AVENUE at White Marsh called Tots@10:00 – The Remix which will take place on the first Thursday of the month in July and August.   We look forward to seeing those in attendance allowing them to select an unlimited amount of books for their home libraries and reading enjoyment.   The Exchangeree’s will continue throughout the entire school year, to have books available for distribution with the continuous support of the Maryland Book Bank, Discover Books and the many, many friends, neighbors, colleagues, and community business partners who support this campaign.   A special shout-out to the Exchangeree’s neighbor at THE AVENUE who collects books for us daily, the Hallmark Store at THE AVENUE at White Marsh…thank you!


The Education Foundation of BCPS also extends their gratitude to all those who contributed to the Books for Bins campaign by making both monetary and in-kind donations, allowing us to exceed the goal set for June 2021 and impact the Continuity of Learning and Literacy throughout the summer months and beyond.


Thank you to the following Champions of Education:


Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA)

Alicia Fales

Amanda Crabb

Angela Booze

Amy Peterson

Semaiah Luma

Bacchus Importers

BCPS Administrators & Educators from Jefferson Building

BCPS College and Career Readiness

BCPS Early Childhood Development

Bob Schwab

Boy Scouts Troop 108

Chelsea Wein

Chesapeake High School

Christy Moore

Christine Collins

Cindy Whitcomb

Danielle Gemmell

Discover Books

Dr. Heather Woolridge

Federal Realty THE AVENUE at White Marsh

First Financial Federal Credit Union

Hallmark Store at THE AVENUE White Marsh

Heather Giles

Hebbville Elementary School

I’m the Boss of Me – Casey, Author

Jan Kehrli

Jean Vallesteros – Storytellers Box

Joshua Merrill

Julie Traut

Liat Siger

Maryland Book Bank

Oshkosh John

Paul Harrell

Pre -Tots Center, Immaculate Heart of Mary School

Sharon Parker

Stemmers Run Middle School

Strategic Factory

United Way of Central MD

Valerie Cox-Marks


We encourage you to become involved in the Books for Bins Campaign.  Donations are received throughout the entire year at the Exchangeree’s accordingly:

THE AVENUE at White Marsh, the 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Windsor Mill, the 2nd and 4th Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Register by visiting www.educationfoundationbcps.org