Thank You Teachers


As Teacher Appreciation Week has come to a close, we at The Education Foundation of BCPS wish to thank our teachers; each of you who have chosen their profession to help shape our future; our children,


A teacher’s job is not easy, and there are a few who may take them for granted, however, the majority of us know that it’s not just what happens inside the classroom that counts, but also the endless hours of planning, reviewing, assessing and adjusting that takes place within the perimeter of their core focus, the classroom.


For that, we honor our teachers.  We salute their nurturing souls, persistent hearts, and exploring minds.  We hold gratitude for their endless empathy, bottomless enthusiasm, and creative ideas.  We support them in these changing times as they are challenged to adapt to the new landscape of education as we migrate from the schoolhouse to the kitchen table.  As lesson plans arrive in the mail and instruction is sustained through the laptops, we know that this newfound adjustment could not be made without them.  We do not know what the future holds, however, we can count on something that will not fade away; teachers and their passion for their profession.


The Education Foundation of BCPS is here to ensure the community has an open path to support our educators as new challenges require new initiatives.  What is needed in the days ahead may be new to us all, however, we can ensure to our teachers that whatever is needed, we stand beside them and offer support as the bridge that stands between the schoolhouse and the community.


It is ensuring to know that whatever the days may bring, we can count on our teachers to usher in the changes taking place.  Children will continue to learn in one way or another, and it is our teachers who will be on the front lines exploring ways to reach their students.  The curriculum may be altered, and the delivery may change, but the hearts and minds of our educators will persist.


Thank you, Baltimore County Public School teachers.  For all that you do, for all that you are, and for all that is to come.