They are the portals that share our adventures, move our minds, and inspire thought.

The Education Foundation of BCPS is proud to share several testimonials given by educators and ambassadors to the foundation, which spotlight how students are impacted through the resources we offer.

Here you can learn about the stories of our schools extending programs through grant awards like makerspaces, environmental literacy, family and community engagement, STEM and much more. Their voices reflect the value collaborative efforts can achieve. Through contributed resources from the community, innovative ideas from the minds of talented educators bring to life programs beyond curriculum found in the schoolhouse, inspiring students to reach forward towards new experiences and opportunities.

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A special thank you to Tim Bojanowski, V.P. of Communication for the EdFoundation and his team from Zest Social Media Solutions LLC as well John Bushman and staff at BCPS-TV who compiled these testimonials. Also, thank you to all the interviewees who took time out of their busy day, not only to share their stories but to share their creative expertise.