The “Salad Box Project”; Growing Hearts, Minds & Futures


How can two grants impact so many people?  The answer is through “The Salad Box Project”.

High school students and students with special needs, teamed up to create over 400 salad boxes to distribute to 3rd grade students throughout B.C.P.S when implementing the “Let Us Grow” unit.

Mr. Randy Tolj led his team of Carpentry students at Kenwood High to create kits for students at Ridge Ruxton School to assemble under the direction of Mr. Kyle Martin.  In addition, Mr. Bill Lynch and the Level 1 Construction students of Sollers Point Technical High School created salad box kits, to be assembled by the students of Battle Monument School under the direction of Mr. Jason Gaynor.

Team work, partnership, crossing comfort zones and accomplishment describe the many experiences derived from this project.

This project was a collaborative project between the Office of Science and the Office of  Career & Technology Education.

Thank you to all involved.