Capturing Baltimore County Public School Historical Journey With Mr. E. Farrell Maddox, Author

Building the Future

Saturday, February 20, 2016 

2:00-4:00 PM

Auditorium at Boscov’ White Marsh Mall


An historical journey that dates back to 1993 when a young man and his remarkable grandmother climbed a fence and then a hill to find an abandoned building.  It was the schoolhouse she attended as a young child.  Flooded with memories and tears trickling down her cheek, she inspired her grandson, Mr. E. Farrell Maddox to write Building the Future, a 276 full-color commemorative book, showcasing the history of Baltimore County Public Schools.

Come and meet the author, purchase a book and converse with him while receiving his autograph. Mr. Maddox will take you on a journey of traveling around Baltimore County, gathering bits and pieces of history about all our schools.  Mr. Maddox will share with you those who designed them, built them, worked in them and learned in them. 

The book will be available for sale ($150.00) or just come to meet the author and listen to the incredible journey.  All proceeds from the book sale supports scholarship opportunities for elementary, middle and high school students within Baltimore County Public Schools to enhance and enrich their educational experiences.

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