Apprenticeship Works!

A work-based learning and career development program.

What is Apprenticeship?


Our program helps businesses design and facilitate pathways to career development for workers by tailoring work-based learning and on-the-job training through registered apprenticeship. These programs are designed to support workforce development for the local business community through better training, planning for career growth, and employee acquisition and retention. The goal is to better connect local businesses with the local workforce by introducing job-specific education to the community in a more open and accessible manner. The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools is a registered apprenticeship program provider in the state of Maryland through the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations (DLLR).

Apprenticeship is a time-tested workforce development model wherein untrained workers develop job specific skills through the mentorship of an experienced worker and the provision of work-based training. “Registered Apprenticeship” is a modern formalization of this system wherein workers and employers are incentivized to use the apprenticeship model through adhering to customized standards and regulations for training by way of the provision of grants and tax credits. There are a variety of financial considerations that create appeal for undergoing, employing and facilitating apprenticeships.


Why Apprenticeship?


Apprenticeship works for anyone looking to make a change or improvement in their career through work-based training and education.


The training programs pair individuals with experienced workers who understand the skill and behavioral requirements for success in a career path.


Apprentices could be brand new entrants to the workforce or seasoned workers with decades of experience and everything in between.


The apprentices undergo on-the-job training and work-based related learning over a clearly defined period of time and schedule for progression to build the abilities to be successful.


Apprenticeships can be customized and tailored to any experience or skill level to align the right person for the right job.

Did you know?

Businesses can participate in the program both as registering as partner employer as well as sponsorship. Partner employers can send employees through any existing occupation programs registered within the program, or can register their own occupations through the Education Foundation.

The Education Foundation can design and facilitate registered apprenticeship occupations on behalf of partner employers both through the development of on-the-job training and related-instruction plans as well as the registration process with the DLLR.

Program Requirements

144 Hours

of work-related instruction

Over that same term, the apprentice must undertake a minimum of 144 hours of work-based related instruction or an equivalent. This related instruction, also sometimes called classroom instruction, is educational curriculums to supplement and augment the on-the-job training with additional learning provided separately from the requirements of being on-the-job. This instruction is typically undertaken either digitally, in a classroom, or another environment independent from the job itself.

2,000 Hours

of on-the-job training

The minimum requirement for on-the-job training in the state of Maryland is 2000 hours, the rough equivalent of a full-time job over the course of a year. Over the course of that term, the apprentice works as a normal employee under the supervision of an experienced worker (or journeyperson.)

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