Scholarship Impact

The Education Foundation Scholarship Program

Two $1,000.00 scholarships are awarded annually to each comprehensive high school at the school’s award ceremony at the end of the school year. The focus for the scholarship funding will be on the following areas of BCPS The Compass:  Our Pathway to Excellence:  Business, Economic, Entrepreneurial, and Financial Literacy (BEEF) and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).  The competitive selection process will be based on student essay, academic performance (high school transcript), resume (including service), and 2 letters of reference (one character and one academic).

BCPS students who apply must meet the eligibility and qualifications:

  • Must be a current senior in a Baltimore County Public School
  • A minimum unweighted grade point average of 3.0
  • Provide verification of acceptance to an accredited two- or four-year college or technical school
  • Complete the scholarship application and personally write the Scholarship Application Essay
  • Must be a United States citizen or permanent resident

The selection committee will weigh all criteria – but will place more weight on the essay.  Those students who offer new applications of their learning that add value to the human experience will be given special consideration.   The application will be reviewed by The Education Foundation Scholarships and Allocations Committee or a designated subcommittee using a blind review process.  Recipient will be selected and recommended to the Foundation’s Executive Committee and the Board of Directors who will make the final decision.

Congratulations to The Education Foundation of BCPS, Inc. 2018 STEM and BEEF Scholarship Recipients

Luke Jackson                                       BEEF                                     Catonsville High School

Emma    Stevens                                 STEM                                    Catonsville High School

Angelica Medina                                 STEM                                    Chesapeake High School

Kenan    Yu                                           BEEF                                     Chesapeake High School

Kristen   Mitchell                                 BEEF                                     Dulaney High School

Nichola Owens                                    STEM                                    Dulaney High School

Leah Mayfield                                     STEM                                    Dundalk High School

Alyssa Wilkerson-Dietz                      BEEF                                     Eastern Technical High School

Destiny  Franklin                                 STEM                                    Eastern Technical High School

Zoe Shimberg                                      BEEF                                     Franklin High School

Juliana Sherchan                                 STEM                                    Franklin High School

Jyotsna  Jayaram                                 STEM                                    George Washington Carver Center for

Arts & Technology

Michelle Li                                            BEEF                                     George Washington Carver Center for

Arts & Technology

Joshua Seaman                                   STEM                                    Hereford High School

Brennan Wells                                     BEEF                                     Hereford High School

Marvin   Johnson, Jr.                           BEEF                                     Kenwood High School

Joseph Landry                                     STEM                                    Kenwood High School

Hope Valentine                                    BEEF                                     Lansdowne High School

Elyssa Dunn                                         STEM                                    Lansdowne High School

Nicholas Lockhart                               BEEF                                     Loch Raven High School

Dominic Williams                                STEM                                    Loch Raven High School

Iqra Zulfigar                                         STEM                                    Milford Mill Academy

Don Parker                                            BEEF                                     Milford Mill Academy

Manelle El Gamel                                STEM                                    New Town High School

Victoria McKenzie                                BEEF                                     New Town High School

Shaniece Thomas                                STEM                                    Overlea High School

Maedot  Kibret                                     BEEF                                     Overlea High School

Remy Wendell                                      BEEF                                     Owings Mills High School

Brandon Schuster                               STEM                                    Owings Mills High School

Victoria Ezeji                                         BEEF                                     Parkville High School

Hariti Patel                                            STEM                                    Parkville High School

Akeal Evans                                          BEEF                                     Patapsco High School &

Center for the Arts

Hailey Ludwig                                      STEM                                    Patapsco High School &

Center for the Arts

Madeline Gruel                                    STEM                                    Perry Hall High School

Hailey Fink                                           STEM                                    Perry Hall High School

Alec Posner                                          BEEF                                     Pikesville High School

Lilieni Fanua                                        STEM                                    Pikesville High School

Jakerra Lance                                      BEEF                                     Randallstown High School

Cameron Isaac                                    STEM                                    Randallstown High School

Emily Poist                                           BEEF                                     Sparrows Point High School

Grace Fillmore                                    STEM                                    Sparrows Point High School

Jacob McCall                                       BEEF                                     Towson High School

Hannah Krebs                                    STEM                                    Towson High School

Lyeba    Hameed                                BEEF                                    Western School of Technology

Sade Parson                                        STEM                                    Western School of Technology

Mabi Morka                                         STEM                                    Woodlawn High School

Joanna Collins                                     BEEF                                     Woodlawn High School