Private Scholarships from The Education Foundation of BCPS

The Education Foundation Private Scholarship Program

The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools hosts an array of scholarship opportunities to provide support for the continuous growth and success of Baltimore County Public Schools students and their families through our private scholarship program.

Private scholarship opportunities can be access through Naviance.

Some of the current scholarships available through the Education Foundation of BCPS include:

  • Dr. Joshua R. Wheeler Scholarship (Kenwood High School)
  • Dr. Anothony Marchione Scholarship (Career Technology and Education)
  • Patrcia Corbit-Kirkner Scholarship (Towson High School)
  • Steven Shock Scholarship (Towson High School)
  • Martin Marvel Scholarship (Towson High School)
  • Alternative Education Scholarship
  • St. Johns¬† Crossroads Scholarship
  • Dr. Joe A. Hairston Scholarship
  • Allied Sports Scholarship
  • Molly Shock Scholarship (Halstead Academy)
  • Phelps Family Scholarship
  • iFly STEM Scholarship
  • Dundalk Class of 1967 Scholarship
  • The Lorraine W. Long Scholarship (Dundalk High School, Sollers Point/Southeastern Technical High School
  • Dr. Larry & Mrs. Nancy Fishel Technical School Scholarship Fund supporting those seeking technical careers
  • Bernice H. Johnson Memorial Scholarship