Apart or Together, We Are TEAM BCPS!

The saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”, often holds true for The Education Foundation of BCPS.  This time, a surprising initiative has grown from recent efforts to support the Baltimore County Public Schools reengagement between students and schools.  In the last weeks of July, the foundation, in partnership with the United Way of Central Maryland, the Michael Phelps Foundation, and Under Armour, distributed over 2,500 BCPS Connects Tool Kits supporting social-emotional wellness and school reengagement efforts.  Due to the popularity of the program, more schools have requested kits for all age groups.  The foundation is in the process of launching two more stages to the distribution program for September.

In the meantime, while in the planning stages for the next phase, the foundation has remained active and and has invited principal to visit The Exchangeree and supplement their schoolhouse with the inventory of  school supplies and resources stocked at the two locations, Windsor Mill and The AVENUE at White Marsh. We have been busy emptying shelves and sorting items to fill boxes and bags full of donated items.   Through scheduled appointments with principals throughout Baltimore County Public Schools, shopping appointments have begun to overlap, in the attempt to serve as many schools as possible.  As a result of the overlap, principals have had a chance to say hello to each other in person, share stories, and discuss new ways to approach the world of remote learning through unplanned and impromptu visits with each other.

As the executive director of the foundation, Deborah Phelps stated in a recent observation, “The Exchangeree is not only a place to provide school supplies and resources for our educators to support their students, it has become a place to collaborate and build collegiality.”  While maintaining social distancing and observing CDC Health Guidelines surrounding COVID-19, The Exchangeree has become a place where educators can schedule meetings for small teams, share information, provide support, and provide a learning resource center for colleagues to work in partnership with each other in an informal setting.  We have named this space, The Hub.

The bonus news is that over the past two weeks, the foundation has distributed an estimated amount of over $43,000 worth of school supplies and resources to principals of nearly 20 schools.  This initiative will continue in the upcoming weeks prior to the formal opening of each location.  It is our hope that not only will school supplies reach the schoolhouse for distribution to students in need and support for educators, but that the principals and their colleagues will continue to connect with each other in new ways.  Who knows what new ideas may result from the sharing of minds at The Exchangeree.

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