Mission Moment: Learning Walk of Knowledge

This year, the inaugural Learning Walk of Knowledge will make its debut at the State of the Schools 2018 and March 28th.  What is a Learning Walk of Knowledge, you may ask?  It is a place where you can meet student directors, engineers, composers, carpenters, designers, robotic technicians, musicians, scientists, homeland security planners, environmental stewards, manufacturers, videographers, first responders in training, project managers, dancers, and artists.

It’s a place where the future is being created through innovative young minds under the leadership of talented educators.

Who will be showcased?  The line-up continues to grow but to date, we are proud to announce our current participants:

School / Office Exhibit Name   
Randallstown High School Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences Exhibit
Northwest Academy of Health Sciences
Sollers Point Technical High School
Rosedale Alternative Center Rocket Launchers Exhibit
Catonsville High School Clinometers Exhibit
Sollers Point Technical High School Salad Box Project Exhibit
Battle Monument School
Kenwood High School
Ridge Ruxton School
Chatsworth Elementary School Coded Musical Instruments Exhibit
Lyons Mill Elementary School Collaborative Partnerships:  Hot Spots Extended Care Programs, Inc. Exhibit
Winner BCPS Composition Project Elementary Level (recipient will be showcased)
Winner BCPS Composition Project Secondary Level (recipient will be showcased)
Office of Visual Arts BCPS Film EXPO 2017
Perry Hall High School Electric Car Exhibit
Parkville High School Virtual Reality & Interactive Media Exhibit
Franklin High School
Dundalk High School Simulation of HSEP Response & Planning Exhibit
Western School of Technology School Culinary Arts Exhibit
Perry Hall High School Tiny Houses Exhibit
Rodgers Forge Elementary School Make & Take Exhibit
Mays Chapel Elementary School Green Screen Display Exhibit
Hereford High School VEX Robotics Exhibit
Hereford Middle School
Woodlawn High School Read the History, Write the Future
Berkshire Elementary School Elementary School Principal of the Year 2017-2018
Randallstown High School Secondary School Principal of the Year Exhibit 2017-2018
Owings Mills Elementary School Teacher of the Year 2017-2018 Exhibit
Sudbrook Magnet Middle National New Art Teacher of the Year Exhibit
Office of Communications Alumni Pennants
Office of Language Arts Guest Book Signing Exhibit
Office of Innovative Learning Creation, Design and Function of the Mobile Innovation Lab
Office of Transportation


Included with each exhibit will be a community business partner which will be featured at a later date.

We thank our participants and look forward to a successful event.