Mission Moment: Every Moment Counts

Did you know that in the United States, primary school children spend an average of 1,096 hours in the classroom per year?  High School students spend an average of between 1,232 and 1,051 hours per year in the classroom.*  Every moment is an opportunity to expand a child’s horizons and elevate their learning experiences.

Which is why The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools strives to foster relationships within the community to help extend, enrich and enhance school programs beyond the allocated funding provided by BCPS.  Community partnerships provide a gateway for the future of education by sustaining new ideas and innovative programs that help prepare students to gradual globally competitive.

Have you have wondered what these new ideas and innovative programs look like?   This year at our signature event, State of the Schools 2018, guests will be able to catch a glimpse of some of these outstanding programs.  They will meet the students, teachers and collaborative partners who work behind the scenes, through exhibits on the Learning Walk of Knowledge, which precedes the premier program.   Featured exhibits include:

  • Tiny Houses built by students in Construction and Development Programs
  • Electric Car built by students in Manufacturing Engineering & Technology
  • 2017 BCPS Film EXPO, created by student from Visual Arts, Film & Media
  • Robotics, operated by students from Advanced Technology Education
  • Maker Space exhibit, created by students in programs from the Office of Innovative Learning
  • Green Screen Visuals, operated by student in programs created by the Office of Innovative Learning
  • Music Composers, created by students competing in Music Education
  • Culinary samples, created by students from Hospitality and Tourism Education
  • Artwork, created by students in Visual Arts Programs
  • Music and Dance, performed by students in Music and Dance Education

…. And much more

Anyone can become an ambassador to this event by clicking here and choosing to give. https://educationfoundationbcps.org/state-of-the-schools-2018/

By becoming an Education Champion or a Friend of the Foundation, you can be part of something great.  We welcome you to join us.



The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, Inc. is focused to developing and nurturing community partnerships that fund 2st Century grants and scholarships that prepare students to graduate globally competitive and globally contributing, by supporting literacy across the curriculum and facilitating positive, healthy school climates.

*Source:  MAPPED:  How many hours do children spend at school around the world? http://helpmeinvestigate.com/education/2013/04/mapped-how-many-hours-do-children-spend-at-school-around-the-world/