ANNOUNCING:  2017-2018 21st Century Grant Award Winners

Congratulations to the names of the schools and the titles of the grants awarded to the 2017-2018 recipients for the 21st Century Instructional Initiative Grants and Enrichment Grants.  We look forward to following the impact of these projects.  Well Done!

Instructional Initiative Grants:

School                                                                            Title of Project

Bear Creek Elementary School                                   Ukulele Program

Campfield Elementary School                                     Sensory/Music Garden

Catonsville Center for Alternative Studies               Molding Growing Minds into Future Masterpieces

Catonsville Elementary School                                   CES Courtyard Raised Bed & Butterfly Garden

Catonsville High School                                               Uniqueness and Universality: Our Shared Humanity

Catonsville Middle School                                           Courtyard Garden for Wildlife

Chadwick Elementary School                                     STEM Challenges

Church Lane Elementary Technology School         Classroom Bots

Cromwell Valley Elementary School                         Mathematics and Economics

Deer Park Middle Magnet School                              DPMMS Cross-Curricular Learning Space

Dundalk High School                                                    Dundalk Cluster Art Project and Curriculum Fair–Year 8

Edgemere Elementary School                                    Birthday Book Bin

Franklin High School                                                   Duke Moot Court Tournament

Fullerton Elementary School                                      Project Watershed

General John Stricker Middle School                       PBIS

General John Stricker Middle School                       NorthBay Adventure Camp 2018

Glyndon Elementary School                                       Genius Hour

Golden Ring Middle School                                        Art for a Cause Fundraiser for Autism Awareness Month

Golden Ring Middle School                                        Wall Beautification of Maker Space & Library Rooms

Gunpowder Elementary School                                 The Virtues Project

Halstead Academy                                                        Full STEAM Ahead by MAKING Virtues Count

Holabird STEM                                                             National Aquarium’s Aqua Partners Program

Johnnycake Elementary School                                Young Authors Jam Night

Kenwood High School                                                 Bee an Engineer

Lansdowne Middle School                                         Student Restorative Council

Loch Raven Technical Academy                               NorthBay Adventure

Martin Boulevard Elementary School                    STEAM Museum

Northwest Academy of Health Sciences                Breaking Barriers and Expanding Access: Making Robotics a Reality

Office of ESOL                                                             Diversity Day Celebration

Office of Organizational Development                  The Neuroscience of Learning: Home-School Connections

Office of Science                                                         BCPS EcoBlitz Competition 2018

Office of Visual Arts                                                   BCPS Film Expo 2018

Organizational Effectiveness                                   Building Instructional and Transformative Coaching Capacity to Support our Leaders

Parkville High School                                               Legislative Inefficiency National vs. State

Parkville Middle School                                           Student Council Leadership Support

Perry Hall Elementary School                                Cracking the Code

Randallstown Elementary School                          Read, Create, Invent

Randallstown Elementary School                          Q.U.E.E.N.S

Randallstown High School                                      Vessels for Peace

Rosedale Center for Alternative Study                 MAKE Your Career

Scotts Branch Elementary School                         It’s a Small World

Seneca Elementary School                                     If You Build It They Will Come; A Lego Wall

Sollers Point Technical High School                    Floating Wetland Construction

Southwest Academy                                                Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow

Sparrows Point High School                                 Floating Wetland Habitat

Sparrows Point Middle School                             Lincoln in Real Life

Sparrows Point Middle School                             Read the Outside!

Stemmers Run Middle School                              Birth of a Steel Band

Victory Villa Elementary School                          Let’s Perform!

West Towson Elementary School                        Move to Improve: Physical Literacy at WTES!

Western School of Technology                             Music matters:Celebration of Steel Drum Crafting & Music

Winand Elementary School                                  2018 Family STEAM Night

Winfield Elementary School                                Winfield Mentoring & Community Partnership Legacy Project

Woodlawn High School                                         STEAM Career Exploration: NextGen 3D Printed Prosthetics

Woodlawn High School                                         Cluster Art Show

Woodlawn High School                                         Ceramic Bowl Donation to Empty Bowls Initiative

Woodlawn High School                                        Soft Skills Symposium

Enrichment Grants:

School                                                                      Title of Project

Cromwell Valley Elementary School                    Family STEAM Nights

Glyndon Elementary School                                  Genius Hour

Hillcrest Elementary School                                  Harvesting a Healthier Hillcrest

Pine Grove Elementary School                             Fit 2 Order Family Event

Pot Spring Elementary School                              STEAM Night

Randallstown Elementary School                        Family Fitness Night

Riverview Elementary School                               SSW Family Engagement Night

Rodgers Forge Elementary School                      VR Exploration Day and STEAM Night

Sussex Elementary School                                    Sussex Elementary Bucket Band

Wellwood International                                       Energy Engineering Night


About the grants:

The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, Inc. offers schools the opportunity to apply for up to $2,000 to support instructional projects each year to schools and offices through 21st Century Instructional Initiative Grants.  The goal of the initiative is to facilitate learning opportunities that help students develop 21st century knowledge and skills.  These grants are funded through ambassadors and partners within the community who support public education.

In addition, elementary schools are offered the opportunity to apply for up to $3,000 to support community engagement opportunities in elementary schools that impact academics through 21st Century Enrichment Grants.  Thanks to our grant partner, Hot Spots Extended Care Program and their $30,000 donation to The Education Foundation of BCPS, these grants provide a range of enrichment opportunities that increase collaboration between students, parents, teachers, and the community outside the regular school day.

Projects must address and identified need(s) that are aligned with BCPS goals for academics, and key actions as stated in the BCPS Blueprint 2.0: Our Way Forward and the School Progress Plans. Recipients awarded project funds were based on the project’s anticipated contribution to essential knowledge and skills students must have to be successful in life and employment in the 21st Century.

Grant proposals must address at least one of the following instructional focused 21st Century themes:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Civic Literacy
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Global Awareness
  • Health Literacy
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Congratulations to all of the award recipients.  A special note to all those who applied and did not receive a grant award; Your dedication and commitment to education is commended.  Please continue to pursue your vision for the future.  The Education Foundation of BPCS, Inc. supports you and we hope to see your applications next year.

Remember to “Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

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