Mission Moment: Growing Relationships Throughout Maryland

Relationships!   They are the cornerstone of our school system.   Through relationships with community partners, we build collaborative ideas that sustain the growth of innovative concepts and forward thinking plans for our educators and students.  What stems from them are relevant platforms for programs that fill the thoughts of those in the schoolhouse.  The outcomes are impactful and inspiring.

One of the growing relationships between our business community partners and BCPS’s Office of Career and Technology Education was recently solidified through “Manufacturing Teacher Boot Camp”, sponsored by Maryland MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership), a non-profit organization committed to growing and strengthening manufacturing in the State of Maryland.  This was the first annual boot camp of its kind in partnership with Berry Global, Pompeian & BCPS.  Through the leadership of Mr. Douglas Handy, Coordinator, under the director of Ms. Alicia Fales, Supervisor and Dr. Michael Grubbs, Supervisor, BCPS Office of CTE, teachers were able to participate in this fresh activity.  Those in attendance received an overview of the two companies’ goals and missions, history and facilities.  They also participated in open dialogue with employees.

The relevance towards the future of education brings insight into the fact that students have broader options once they graduate.  Career paths include exciting pathways into the world of manufacturing and spotlights the benefits surrounding that directive.

We at the foundation are excited to see the continued growth of community partners who take interest in inspiring our educators to look “outside the box” for educational resources.  New ideas spark the motivation to research and apply for grants that seek to expand, enhance and enrich experiences in the classroom.

To discover the opportunities provided to our students, visit the Office of Career & Technology Education, BCPS at https://www.bcps.org/academics/cte/ .   Please consider being an ambassador and champion future initiatives like this.

SOURCE:  http://www.mdmep.org/manufacturing-teacher-boot-camp/

* The Education Foundation of BCPS, Inc. is a non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) and directs public financial contributions to programs and activities of the school system in support of quality education for all children.