It’s here! BCPS online stakeholder satisfaction survey begins today

TOWSON, MD. – Starting today, Monday, Feb. 1, and continuing through Monday, Feb. 29, the annual Baltimore County Public Schools’ Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey is available online at

How are Baltimore County’s public schools preparing students for college or careers? Are BCPS schools safe and secure? Do you get the kind of information you want from your child’s school?

Those and other questions await survey-takers, who include BCPS students in Grades 4-12, parents, teachers, staff, business and community members, and any other members of Team BCPS.

“Taking this survey is a great way to contribute to improving our schools and school system,” says BCPS Superintendent Dr. S. Dallas Dance. “The views of each of our stakeholders are important to us, and we will use the survey to help determine how best to improve instruction, communications, and other important services.”

As in last year’s survey, the 2016 version is confidential and takes about five minutes to address a number of topics including academic rigor, school culture, safety and technology. Participants may complete the survey using their smart phones, tablets, or computers.  The survey has been customized so there are different (but related) questions for school-based staff, parents, students in Grades 4-12, community members and central office staff.

With almost 75,000 respondents last year – an 87.5 percent increase over 2014 – the school system hopes this year to attract even more survey takers – especially more students, parents, and community members. Individuals who fit into more than one category – for example, a staff person who is also the parent of a BCPS student – can take the survey more than once in order to answer questions based on each of the categories. In addition, parents who have students in more than one school are encouraged to take the survey specific to each school their children attend. Parents can choose to take the survey at their children’s schools rather than at home or at a public library.

In addition to English, this year’s survey is also available in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Urdu, Arabic, Nepali, Yoruba, Russian, French, Tagalog, Uzbek, Amharic, Korean and Gujarati. When a participant starts the survey, the website checks the language in the browser setting and displays the survey in that language if the translation is available. In addition, those who take the survey identifying themselves as parents/guardians and community members can choose their preferred language at the top right of every survey page.

Team BCPS can’t wait to hear from all of its members. Please take the time to tell us what you think!