Openness and Collaboration Land Dr. Dance, BCPS Second Digital Innovation in Learning Award

TOWSON, MD. –Transforming an entire school system into a learner-centered, 21st century environment is tough work, and oftentimes it is made easier by learning and gleaning information from others. Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. S. Dallas Dance and Team BCPS have made it a point to collaborate and share information with other school districts from across the country and world. This willingness to be transparent with what works and what doesn’t with our digital learning transformation known as S.T.A.T., is what has earned Dr. Dance and BCPS the Open Door Policy Award from Digital Promise and EdSurge.

This award is given to a school district that “shares what’s working and what’s not with other schools, makes visits and welcomes visitors, facilitates open collaboration between charters and district schools, and publishes resources for free public use,” according to the Digital Innovation and Learning Awards website.

“Recognitions like this one all of Team BCPS can be proud of and can take credit for,” Superintendent Dance said. “We work really hard to be accessible to anyone hoping to implement a 1-to-1 initiative that meets the needs of all kids. I’m so excited that BCPS has become an emerging leader in providing the tools that every one of our students needs to be successful.”

After receiving more than 400 video submissions from the U.S. and 39 other countries, the panel of DILAs judges chose winners across 15 award categories. Judges selected those whose submissions most closely fit the criteria for each of the awards using the DILAs rubric.

“With the DILAs, we are seeking to showcase excellence and raise the bar for teaching, leadership and for the development of products and services,” said Karen Cator, CEO of Digital Promise, “and the submissions for the second year didn’t disappoint!”

EdSurge is a leading information and resource site for educators, entrepreneurs, and investors involved in educational technology. It covers news of the industry, hosts events, and generates reports relating to the intersection of education and technology. Digital Promise is a nonprofit organization authorized by Congress to spur innovation to advance the opportunity for all Americans to learn.

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