Education Foundation Executive Committee Retreat

Today, July 13, 2015, the Education Foundation of Baltimore County Schools, Inc. hosted an Executive Committee Retreat at Oak Contracting, Towson, Maryland.  The morning retreat was designed with two collaborative sessions – Collaborative Session I – The District and Collaborative Session II – The Foundation.

Collaborative Session I – The District
Presenters included the following:
Dialogue with our Superintendent – A District Overview – Dr. S. Dallas Dance, Superintendent.
S.T.A.T. – A District-wide Initiative – Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow – Mr. Ryan Imbriale, Executive Director and Mr. David Robb, Supervisor.
BCPS One – A District-wide Initiative – Mrs. Jeanne Imbriale, Director, Department of Technology.

Collaborative Session II – The Foundation
Included a Gallery Walk, lunch and learning session with members of the Executive Committee facilitated by Ms. Deborah S. Phelps, Education Foundation, Director and Ms. Timmy Ruppersberger, Education Foundation President.