2nd Annual Celebrating Excellence Recognition and Awards Breakfast

On Wednesday, May 13, 2015, the Education Foundation brought individuals together to thank, recognize and celebrate those who provided their time, talent and service to support us throughout the year, including Board of Directors/Staff, BCPS employees and business and community stakeholders. The event showcased the success of the Education Foundation throughout the year and shared the Education Foundation’s story and accomplishments to date. The following individuals were honored and recognized as the recipients of the 2014-2015 awards.

Meritorious Service Award – Patrick Fannon

The recipient of the 2015 Meritorious Service Award has been with Baltimore County Public Schools and the Education Foundation since August 1994 and has held his current position since that time. He is a number’s man, a family man, a man who juggles his time between his love for the Baltimore Ravens, an office at Greenwood and attending many gymnastics competitions throughout the region. He is reliable, creditable, collaborative, organized and communicative. In the words of George S. Patton he describes an individual who gives the gift of service to an organization as one that “Always does more than is required of oneself.”

Innovation in Education – Sean McComb

Sean is a teacher, speaker and educational leader in Baltimore, Maryland. Driven by his own challenging experiences as a child and a bedrock belief in the ability of students, he became a teacher to invest in helping children make the most of their lives.

A product of working with an incredible group of educators at one of Baltimore County’s magnet high schools, he knows that great teachers and schools can help students make the most of themselves. He loves to share his story, passion and enthusiasm for education with others. He was named Baltimore County’s Teacher of the Year in May, 2013, Maryland’s State Teacher of the Year in October 2013 and on May 1, 2014 he was announced as the National Teacher of the Year. This award placed him among the nation’s most elite educators where has traveled to the White House to discuss students opportunities for higher education with other educators and First Lady Michelle Obama. Currently in China, he is serving as an ambassador of education for our country.

Leadership Award – Jennifer Drury

Jennifer is a behind the scenes individual to many but knows what needs to be done and has the skills to achieve it. She makes things happen because of her continuous love for learning and striving for excellence. She spends endless hours of time towards furthering the vision/mission of TEAM BCPS.  She has been with Baltimore County Public Schools since March 1995 and has continuously worked her way up the career ladder. According to Director Debbie Phelps, Jennifer has never missed a deadline or a task requested for every one of our events to the all of our printed items from business cards to stationary for our foundation.

2015 Board of Director of the Year – Doug Eder

Doug specializes in new construction and renovation projects for the education, medical research and institutional sectors. His expertise spans K-12 to higher education, non-profit and commercial projects ranging from $15-$140 million in value.

His senior management team has been recognized by the industry and the communities they serve for outstanding leadership, ethical business practices and dedication to the community. For nearly half of a century, Oak has constructed buildings valued over one billion dollars.

Debbie Phelps, Director of the Education Foundation stated, “Thousands of people give their time, talent, voice and resources to help strengthen nonprofits, their communities and the world through volunteer service. Many go above the call of duty to help shift a culture or transform change. Doug Eder exemplifies that individual in his profession and his philanthropic means. Always willing to provide support and assistance, he has a strong focus towards the work of the Foundation for our district. He is a strong leader who believes in excellence in all realms of his work.”

Annually, the Education Foundation awards grants to support school-based innovative projects that addresses one of the following 21st Century themes:  Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy, Environmental Literary, Arts and Culture, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Health Literacy.  During 2014-2015, $42, 245.00 were awarded to 24 schools, impacting 30 or more schools.  This year’s recipients (listed below) were awarded Education Foundation banners to display within their school houses.

Arbutus Elementary School – Ace’s Authors and Illustrators

Arbutus Middle School – After-School STEM Clubs

Chadwick Elementary School – JA Biz Town

Chesapeake Arts Festival – Chesapeake Festival of the Arts

Deep Creek Middle School – Deep Creek and the Beanstalk

Dulaney High School – Genius Hour

Dundalk Middle School – Trout in the Classroom

Edmonson Heights Elementary School – Enhancing Digital Projects

Essex Elementary School – Engaging Minds

Featherbed Lane Elementary School – STEM in Action Robotics Club        

Grange Elementary School – Bricks4Kidz Lego STEM Project

Hawthorne Elementary School – Family Fitness Fun Night

Hawthorne Elementary School – Simulations for STEM Inquiry

Loch Raven High School – The Author/Illustrator Project

Loch Raven Technical Academy – NorthBay Adventure

Mars Estate Elementary School – Young Playwrights Festival Residency

Martin Boulevard Elementary School – Martin Boulevard Elementary STEM Fair 

Pleasant Plains Elementary School – STEAM Education at Its Finest

Pikesville Middle School – Pikesville Takes Broadway

Pine Grove Middle School – Sensory Garden

Rodgers Forge Elementary School – Evaluating Performance in PE using Heart Rate Monitors

Warren Elementary School – Using DreamBox Learning to Increase Kindergarten Math Proficiency

Wellwood Elementary School – Creating Imaginative Playgrounds-Native Butterfly Garden Grade Level: All (K – Grade 5)

Woodbridge Elementary School – STEM Career Club

During the inaugural campaign of Team BCPS Clean Green 15, there was a total of 9 elementary schools, 8 middle schools and 6 high school that participated. Top schools who completed and/or exceeded the challenge were awarded grants to continue their efforts to make a difference environmentally within their school community as well as professional development opportunities and i-pads.  The recipients of the awards are listed below:

Grand Prize – Dundalk Middle School

Middle School
1st place – Holabird Middle School
2nd Place – Ridgley Middle School

Elementary School
1st place – Westowne Elementary School
2nd place – Chapel Hill Elementary School

High School
1st place – Western School of Technology
2nd Place – Woodlawn High School

Our partners who provided support to our TEAM BCPS Clean Green: 15 Litter Campaign included the Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability, Maryland Environmental Services, Comcast and Hot Spots Extended Care Programs.