BCPS Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey and Team BCPS e-Newsletter

The BCPS Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey is now available through February 28. It takes only five minutes to complete on your smart phone, tablet, or computer, is confidential, and is available in several languages for parents/guardians and community members.

There are different but related questions for school-based staff, parents, students in Grades 4 through 12, community members, and central office staff. Those who serve multiple roles or have children in more than one school are encouraged to take the survey more than once to reflect those experiences.

Our goal is to double last year’s historic participation from 40,000 to a new record of 80,000 responses in order to hear from even more of our stakeholders about what the school system is doing well as well as areas for improvement.

Share your voice and encourage your families and neighbors to do the same!

Click here to view the Team BCPS e-Newsletter.