The Education Foundation Recognizes Visual Arts Teachers

We proudly recognize our award-winning visual arts teachers at their meeting on January 14th:
1. Beth Thompson, Dundalk Elementary, MAEA State Elementary Art Educator
2. Jen McBrien, Parkville High, MAEA State High School Art Educator
3. Joe Citrano, Dumbarton Middle, BCPS New Middle School Art Educator
4. Julia McTighe, Padonia Elementary, BCPS New Elementary Art Educator
5. Rachel Valsing, Towson High, BCPS Career Art Educator
6. Sam Georgieff, Cockeysville Middle, BCPS Career Art Educator
7. Sherri Fisher, Patapsco High and CFA, Fullbright Distinguished Teacher
8. Stacy Bentley, Oliver Beach & Vincent Farm Elementary, BCPS Career Art Educator
9. Group with Linda Popp and Farrell Maddox
Click this link to view the collection of art by the students and teachers.
 ed-found-sam ed-found-sherri ed-found-joe
ed-found-jen ed-found-beth ed-found-julia
 ed-found-rachel ed-found-stacy ed-found-all