Grant Resources

2022-2023 Grant Applications

The Education Foundation has opened applications for The 21st Century Instructional Initiative Grants and Enrichment Grants, making funds available for 2022-2023 innovative community engagement projects, that are not accounted for in the school budget. The grants must address a 21st Century Learning Theme, an identified need aligned within the School’s Improvement/Progress Plan and outline a plan for community engagement. The purpose of the grants are to diversify elementary educational enrichment opportunities and increase student, parent, teacher and community collaborative efforts in support of out of school time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Programs/Grants

Question:   How do I submit a request for disbursement/reimbursement of funds?

Answer:      Click on this link to obtain the form to submit your request. Request for Disbursement of Funds from EdFoundation (2)


Question:   When requesting a disbursement/reimbursement, do I have to submit original receipts?

Answer:        No.  A copy of the original receipt is sufficient.  It is helpful to circle or highlight the amount(s) for clarity.


Question: When requesting a disbursement/reimbursement, do I have to submit individual "Disbursement/Reimbursement" forms for each receipt?

Answer:        No.   You can combine the receipts and fill out one form requesting the total amount of those receipts.


Question:     To process a "Disbursement/Reimbursement" faster, can I request a budget line transfer instead of a check?

Answer:        Yes.  Provide the appropriate account string for quicker processing.


Question:     Can I submit an invoice/bill that is larger than the amount of the awarded grant?

Answer:        Yes.  But the reimbursement/disbursement will not be processed in excess of the original awarded amount. (i.e., a 43,000.00 transportation invoice is submitted but the grant awarded for $2,000.00   The amount processed will be $2,000.00 only.)


Question:     Can an individual use his/her personal credit card for grant purchases.

Answer:        Individual's credit card purchases are not recommended.  The foundation recommends the use of school checks (school activity funds), procurement cards, or purchase orders when purchasing grant items.


Question:     Is there a minimum or maximum amount that can be submitted for disbursement/reimbursement at one time?

Answer:        Small purchases should be combined and submitted when they reach $1,000.00 in total.  Larger single purchases in excess of $1,000.00 can be submitted anytime for direct payment or reimbursement.  The maximum that can be submitted is the total amount available in the grant.