Instructional Initiatives Grant Survey

  • All Instructional Initiative Grant recipients must submit a completed Instructional Initiative Grant Project Summary to The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, Inc., along with the Request for Reimbursement/Disbursement from a Foundation Project Fund, including copies of receipts and/or requisition(s). Artifacts pertaining to the grant implementation, including but not limited to photos, videos, and key stakeholder testimonials (students, teachers, parents, and/or community) should be sent to the foundation for utilization on the foundation’s Web site, in various publications and media releases as evidence of success.

    In addition to the project summary, a one page “Story Board” document, created on the Power Point template provided by the foundation. This “Story Board” will provide a snapshot of the impact the awarded grant has had on the school community. It will be published for future content supporting the foundation. A grant recipient who does not submit a summary will not be eligible for future funding consideration until the summary has been received.
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  • Describe the instructional initiative grant that was implemented at your school including the following:
    Check boxes below that are pertinent to the impact of the grant at your school. (May check more than one.)
    NOTE: To be eligible for future funding, all grant recipients need to submit this project summary.