21st Century Enrichment Grant Application

  • To download and print this form rather than completing it online, please click here.
    Should you choose to download and complete this form rather than submitting it online, please email your
    completed form to Emily Gordon, Executive Director of HotSpots Extended Care Programs
    at egordon@hsecp.org.

  • School Population Criteria

  • School Liaison Information

  • Directions: Respond clearly and specifically to each of the statements/questions below.

    I. Define the Need (30 points: 10 points per question)
  • II. Explanation of Grant Goals
  • The 21st Century Enrichment Grant Initiatives goals are outlined below. Please describe how each goal can be measured through the implementation of the grant, at your school. (20 Points)
  • III. Explanation of Community Collaboration and Sustainability Efforts (20 points:10 per question)
  • IV. Explanation and Evidence of Effective Execution (30 points: 5 points per question)
  • Address the following information in your explanation: 1. Identify specific actions that made your event a success. 2. Estimate the number of people in attendance (specify students, parents, teachers and community partners as appropriate). 3. Identify marketing efforts taken to educate the school community. 4. Identify community partners or local organizations and their level of involvement/contribution to the event.
  • Section II: Application Budget Attachments

  • **Please use the budget template.
    Once completed, please upload your budget template before submitting.
    Accepted file types: doc, xlsx, pdf.
  • Please have your Administrator complete an Administration Letter of Support with the following ideas included.
    1. Administrator's Name
    2. Preferred Method of Contact: Phone or Email?
    3. Administrator's Phone Number
    4. Administrator's Email Address
    5. School Address
    6. School Liaison Referral: Briefly describe the grant applicant, School Liaison's leadership qualities.
    7. Grant Need: In five sentences or less, identify the school/community need that this grant would support and describe how this grant would add value to your community.
    8. An approval of the school’s commitment and an acknowledgement that they accept the School Liaison’s responsibilities, if your school is chosen as a grant recipient.

    Please state that the School Liaison will:
    a. Attend a mandatory Grant Orientation on November 9, 2017.
    b. Review The Collaborative Agreement, which outlines the school's requirements to fulfill the Grant criteria.
    c. School Liaison is responsible for maintaining monthly communication as outlined in The Collaborative Agreement.
    d. The School Liaison and the School Administrator (or a school representative) will attend the Gallery Event November 2018 (the exact date, location and time to be determined).

    Please have the School Administrator sign and date the letter of support.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc.

  • Initiative Summary:
    A project summary is due to the Education Foundation upon the conclusion of the initiative no later than Friday May 25, 2018. See the project summary for details. In addition to the project summary, a one page “Story Board” document, created on the Power Point template provided by the foundation. This “Story Board” will provide a snapshot of the impact the awarded grant has had on the school community. It will be published for future content supporting the foundation. A grant recipient who does not submit a summary will not be eligible for future funding consideration until the summary has been received.